We create Opera.

Not just us, the singers and the performers on the stage, but everyone who is a part of the show, from the Prima Donna to you, the audience member in the back row.


Every person we meet, talk to, and perform for along the way is an asset to the creation of something great.


And that’s what this is all about: creating something great. A moment of authentic expression for everyone to experience together, a team.


Create Opera. It’s Our Call To Action.


And now it’s yours, too.

Create Opera is a collective of artists in the pursuit of authentic artistry with the assistance of accomplished mentors. We draw upon musical traditions while looking towards an ever changing landscape in order to build upon this vital part of our cultural heritage for a new generation of audiences.


Jestin Pieper, Artistic Director

Eowyn Driscoll, Creative Director

Jestin Pieper is a versatile and intuitive coach, accompanist, teacher and solo pianist. He frequently appears with collaborates with singers and appears with opera companies throughout the NYC area. He was the Assistant Conductor on the world premiere of “A Certain Quiet” at the Theater for a New City the Martha Cardona Opera Theater, and Conducted Purcell’s “Dido & Aeneas” at LICAM.


As a soloist, he has performed the piano solo in Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy, as a guest artist for the Discovery channel and appeared as a recitalist at venues throughout the US including at the Aspen Music Festival, Brevard Music Center, and Mediterranean Opera Studio in Palermo, Italy.


He holds a BM with honors from Lawrence University and an MM from the Butler School of Music at UT Austin. He has been invited to speak at piano pedagogy conferences and holds the belief that every individual has the capacity to achieve musical proficiency and benefit from the knowledge and practice of music.



Eowyn Driscoll is a singer who has worked in marketing, PR, and event production for nearly 15 years. She has helped to produce trade shows, conferences, raves and theatrical productions with such companies as: Thomson Reuters, Caffeine Media, Amplify Education.


In 2007 she founded and ran the Long Island Opera Workshop which presented a program of opera scenes in several venues across Long Island and was featured in Newsday and sold out at every performance.


Eowyn also operates a small creative agency that helps singers develop their personal brands through marketing, social media initiatives, and web design.









Advisory Board

Yeoryia Megremis, Contralto


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